Only One Keeper

This past Saturday, my brother Isaac and I jumped at the chance to go bass fishing with our dad’s good friend Flint. He picked us up from the ranch before sunrise and we received a schooling in large-mouth bass behavior on the drive to Eastman Lake. Flint believed the conditions were perfect to catch a few large bass (full moon, warm surface temperatures and breeding season) as they sat on their spawning grounds. As the morning wore on, we were pulling in a lot of small bass along the shoreline but nothing over the 22 inch limit required for a keeper. Isaac got lucky when we motored over to a submerged island in the middle of lake and reeled in a whopper of a Rainbow Trout (19.5 inches!). It turned out to be the lone keeper for the day so Isaac was the only real fisherman! Flint helped us fillet him when we returned to the ranch and we barbecued her 1 with Crazy Jane’s, lemon and an herb blend. I even got Isaac to eat the eyeballs with me! We made plans to return to the lake with Flint at the end of April. Hopefully we can catch at least one big bass then!

  1. We discovered roe while filleting her.